Good reads

Netgalleypro_reader_120Since 2009 I have written a book blog titled This Is My Symphony. The title of the blog, inspired by William Henry Channing’s prose poem “Symphony”, accurately conveys my life philosophy. If I could add anything to Channing’s wise words, it would be ‘to read widely’–since my childhood books have played a role in my life as trusted friends and guides.

Over the years I’ve reviewed over 300 titles, so there’s sure to be something for every Blog screen shottaste. Since 2012 I have had the privilege of being a NetGalley reviewer. NetGalley is an online service that connect readers, writers, and publishers. Most of the titles I review are new releases–NetGalley provides advanced reader copies, and, in turn, I provide my honest review of the books. I favor what is called in the book business literary mid-list fiction–that is, books that have literary merit, but don’t make their way to the Best Seller list. It is these titles, I think, that are the juiciest finds for a book lover.

I’d be honored to have you visit This Is My Symphony and allow me to share with you some good reads.