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We might be a team of NASA scientists, but reality plays itself out like this. Every detail has a member who takes the role of dad, and another who stands in for mom; there’s the good kid–the annoying rule follower– and the rebel with their devil-may-care attitude. Depending on the size of the group, the mission might also include a meddling auntie or uncle, with their nose in everyone’s business but their own.

It probably won’t surprise you to know I’m the mom on USLunar120. People are always so impressed when I tell them that I’m on one of the Lunar teams, but its no different from my role at home in many ways. Although I’m in charge of air and water quality in the station, it really boils down to cleaning up other team member’s shit, just like at home. Someone has a virus? I switch up to filters for communicable diseases and pay closer attention to compacting paper waste. I keep the laundry rotation on schedule so that no team member needs to wear their uni any longer than necessary and monitor the shower station so members neither under nor over use the facility, which also may affect the quality of the air or stress our water treatment, depending.

Really, the only difference from home is that my work station looks out over the lunar desert instead of the green lawn of my Midwest back yard.

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