I am from

I am from the Atlas moving van, the U-Haul hitch up
and miles of highway unraveling behind me.

I am from moving boxes stacked in the backseat clear to the ceiling
of a ’65 Valiant

I am from Warren Rd and Ivan Dr and Summit St and Sunrise
and Newcastle and Maxwell.

I am from Lakewood and Akron and Canton and Kent,
I am from Ohio to Michigan, lakes Erie to Superior

I am from sharing a closet bedroom under the eves with a washer and dryer
to the room with a window seat overlooking the oaks through leaded paned glass

I am from the wind blowing us every which-a-way–
I am from the daddy who was a rolling stone
gathering no moss–
and from the mommy who said it could be worse, remember.

I am from the storm before the calm.

[George Ella Lyon copy change]


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