Pocket Writes

Amherst Writers & Artists, a writing organization that supports practiced and emerging voices through a proven workshop method, is founded on the belief that everyone is a writer. The method awakens writers’ creative genius using a series of prompts for inspiration.

And just as a pocket holds the bits and bobs you’ve collected throughout the day, the pages you bring to workshop will be filled with the responses you’ve written from memory or imagination. I like to call this fresh writing–you can take those pages home to work on if a piece speaks to you … or maybe the creative act of writing in the workshop is enough for you right now. Whatever the case, let’s write together!

Pocket Writes offers writing opportunities in the greater Grand Rapids area.

Laurie was clearly our leader, not our writing teacher.  She was warm and engaging, drawing each member into the group with thoughtful prompts of varying length and intensity. These prompts brought up writing from deep within myself, and I was disappointed when the session was over. I look forward to writing with Laurie again!

Diane F.

Laurie’s reassuring and kind demeanor was a tonic in this hectic world. She is a natural. Her focused, careful listening to my writing was a real gift. She created a supportive environment where I felt my writing truly mattered. I loved writing with writers from all different backgrounds and levels of experience with her. I would love to be in her workshop every week!

Jenipher S-R.